DID YOU KNOW? Coca-Cola Is The Smartest Company In The World (See What They Did)



Couple of days ago, one of the world best footballer Cristiano Ronaldo did something unexpected to American multinational beverage company.

Something that got the whole world talking.

What Could That Possibly Be?🤔

In a viral video Ronaldo picked up two Coca-Cola bottles and put them out of sight before holding up his water bottle and saying: “Drink water.” Coca-Cola reportedly lost a staggering $5.2 billion some hours later.

Like I said earlier, in my opinion, I see nothing wrong with what CR7 did. I don’t think he has demarketing coca cola in mind in doing that. He may not have anything in mind.

How Did Coca-Cola Respond To CR7’s Action?

They responded by producing a bottle water and attached it to each Coca-Cola drink bottle. Wow! That was amazing! Why buy water when Coca-Cola comes with water?😂

Coca-Cola knew that Ronaldo is not trying to demarket them. They did not allow the media rants trigger them to release unnecessary statement. They understood the message behind his action. They also knew how influential CR7 is, that they cannot fight him and win; instead, they might lose more value and money.

You and I know that regular consumption of Coca-Cola drinks can lead to higher blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. But water doesn’t.

I know a Nigerian company would want to fight CR7 for this. Reason why we are still backward till date.😏

My advice is that, you don’t necessarily have to fight always. At times, when people criticize your business for whatever reason, instead of giving up or retaliating, cease the moment, improve and make more money off it. Be like Coca-Cola!


Coca-Cola Is The Smartest Company In The World!

What Business Lesson Did  You Learn From This?

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