Cuban a chief writes about pastor TB JOSHUA DEATH 

If you really want see the Devil and how Satan himself look like, don't go to the shrines or bushes looking for that. Go to church that's where you will see the Devil and how he looks like.

The level of hatred, jealousy, bitterness and competition found in the church, can not be found in the club right there at Northmead Lusaka.

Devil is now the leader of the church while demons are now the choir members.

Can you believe that it's been days since the departure of the Senior Prophet TB Joshua and non of the leading spiritual fathers in Nigeria have uttered a word of solidarity and love about the Prophet.

When he was alive, they descriminated him because according to them, he was a witch, a satanist and was using satanic powers to perform Miracles, they hated him greatly and even expelled him from Christian Association of Nigeria but he remained strong and continued preaching love.

Truly speaking, if you are looking for love and genuine peace, look for it else where because you can never find it in church, infact if you want to die quick out of jealousy, hatred and competition go to church and get committed.

If the people that we look up to like Olokoya, Oyedepo, Adeboye, Mouka, Paul Eneche etc can exhibit this kind of hatred and bitterness towards Prophet TB Joshua, how will their members treat ordinary people?

Religion is a scam.


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